A weary, exasperated man stumbles unexpectedly upon the Object of the holiday in his garage late one night.  A touching story with familiar cadence and gripping illustrations.


That famous poem on the Night Before,

So much a part of our Christmas lore,

Has entrenched itself as a holiday tradition,

With nary a nod to the Christian rendition.

But author Jim Chapman takes a whole different tack,

With his holiday insights and poem-writing knack.

The story he tells has an interesting twist

That takes us back to the meaning we’ve missed.

In all of the clutter, as we merrily flutter,

From one Christmas thing to another,

The promised Baby, left alone on the hay,

Cries softly for someone to acknowledge His day.

“Thought-provoking and reflective.  I’ve heard Jim  recite many of his wonderfully creative poems, and this one is my  favorite by far.  You’ll like it, too.”


Sara Beekman

President of Revitalizing Churches, Inc

“A delightful adaptation of a familiar Christmas  poem – with a surprise ending that reminds us of the true meaning of  Christmas.”


Dr. Wayne Grudem

Research Professor, Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary